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Angel Portraits

Angel Portraits are inspired by the angels and divine love that surround each being. Each of us has our own divine connection and Carol Lynn connects with that divine connection in person or through a photo. You can email her a photo of a person or animal you would like in the portrait and she will then express the divine connection through transforming you, your loved one or pet into an angel! A beautiful inspirational name poem is also included with all person portraits. 8x10.......$225.00, 16x20.......$425.00,18x24.......$525.00, 30x40.......625.00. All portraits are acrylic on canvas.
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  • "I contacted Carol for a healing session when I was going through a rough patch in my life; the session was life-transforming. I felt a level of clarity I'd not had in a long ti..."
    V.C. - Miami, FL
    Healing & Intuitive Couseling Client
  • "Carol Lynn connected with me in a way that I have not experienced before. During her healing, I could actually feel her presence and energy from over 800 miles away just as if s..."
    Jenny - Miami, FL
    Healing Client

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