Soul Portraits Soul Portraits 191340024 191340028 Fire Goddess The Fire Goddess creates through her scrying mirror spiraling down her dreams and visions onto the physical plane with intense passion. 90032343 191340027 191342258 191342259 199099242 Client Soul Portrait This is a metaphorical rendition of the messages from a client's soul to him, about him. I then wrote a channeled message from his soul as to how to work with his painting. 123468299 191340025 Dream Weaver Weaving her dreams and calling in the elements to manifest them... 90032341 Ianna The "Goddess of Heaven on Earth" dances her metamorphosis magic with wild abandon. She brings forth grace, beauty, and transcendence. Freedom is her dance. 89446435 191340029 191341088 The Twins: Fire and Water A constant balancing act and water. 90032342