Visionary Healing

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Soul Portraits

Soul Portraits are paintings of your soul expressed in metaphor. You can send a photo of yourself and Carol Lynn will connect with you to allow your soul to flow images which she paints on the canvas. She then channels a description of how your soul would like to work with you through the painting. Carol Lynn is now offering Couples Portraits. These involve expressing each person as an individual and then the synergy of their relationship with in the canvas. The couple can be a close friend, significant other, your child or your pet. Includes a written channeled description of the painting. Pricing for Single and Couples Soul Portraits as follows: 11" X 14" Single $150.00, Couple $295.00; 16" X 20" Single $275.00, Couple $495.00; 18" X 24" Single $325.00, Couple $595.00; Call Carol Lynn (314) 349 - 7600 or e-mail her to inquire or place your order!
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