Visionary Healing

& Art by Carol Lynn 

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Quotes I've been healing my own personal issues since 1992, and I am currently a healing arts practitioner. I have utilized a variety of modalities, but I've NEVER experienced such deep, profound and life altering healing as I did when I first started working with Carol Lynn. I appreciate her gentle yet direct manner and her veritable "A Team" of spirit guides. This woman is a powerhouse!! Whether the issue is big or small, she offers practical and understandable methods of healing. She's an invaluable partner in my own process. Quotes
Kay Anderson
Healing and Intuitive Counseling Client and Practitioner

Quotes Just recently I discovered that I am no longer a skeptic of psychics, visionaries, energy healers, and mystics. Thinking of the song from Shrek, "Now, I'm a believer!" After each energy healing I've had with Carol Lynn, I cannot even begin to explain the feelings that I've had, as well as during the healings. During the first healing, she lightly touched my left knee, which has been causing me lots of pain for years, but she did not know which knee. She then moved over to my right knee, but I still felt her healing touch on my other knee and she wasn't even touching it. My second healing was a thousand times better because I could not believe what Carol Lynn shared with me afterwards. I decided to have a reading after that healing, and I'm glad I did. She was able to tell me about particular experiences in my past that she was in tune with and how they affected my current daily life. Her artistic talents are also equally amazing, especially her murals, fire paintings, and spirit art. Quotes
"I'm a Believer"

Quotes Carol has been a great friend to me and my family for over 14 years. When we first met, she painted the most amazing safari mural that covered the entire room. That mural brought years of happiness to us and our 4 sons. I don't consider myself to be a very spiritual person, but I am very open- minded and have allowed Carol to "work her energetic magic" on me in times of need. She has a special gift to help others with their spiritual growth and has worked endlessly to perfect her artistic talent as well as her healing abilities. She has also given me great insight and advice on business ideas and opportunities that I have pursued. Carol is a smart, kind-hearted, warm soul and I highly recommend her as a Meta Physical Practitioner and Artist. Thanks for all you do Carol! Quotes
Amy Harris- Michigan
Friend and Satisfied Customer

Quotes I contacted Carol for a healing session when I was going through a rough patch in my life; the session was life-transforming. I felt a level of clarity I'd not had in a long time. Carol's insight and intuitive ability is impressive. She's able to tap-in in a manner that seems effortless. She's also a joy to speak with and has such a kind and warm personality, making you feel accepted without judgment. Since the first healing session, I've sought her expertise time and again and always come away from the experience with greater awareness and many "Ah ha" moments. Needless to say, I have encouraged friends to seek her counsel. Quotes
V.C. - Miami, FL
Healing & Intuitive Couseling Client

Quotes Carol Lynn connected with me in a way that I have not experienced before. During her healing, I could actually feel her presence and energy from over 800 miles away just as if she was in my own home. Her work is amazing! After she spent 30 min. healing me which felt very much like a Reiki session she spent 30 min telling me what I should focus on with my work and daily life in an extremely practical way. She was able to talk about real things that I have been working on and give me ideas to further my business opportunities. I also had very specific questions for her and she was able to give me solid responses in detail. I highly recommend Carol Lynn and her work. She is a truly connected psychic who cares about helping others. I will definitely continue to work with Carol Lynn in the future! Quotes
Jenny - Miami, FL
Healing Client

Quotes I am very fortunate to have met Carol. I am a Reiki Energy Practitioner. I have been doing this work for over 10 years and there are times that I have questions I need to ask and not too mention the balancing that is soo important because of all the energy work I do. Carol has been a Godsend. She has been able to go beyond my simple physical questions to explain the spiritual significance and has re-connected me with a very special guide that I was unaware was available to work with me. Through this information, I have been able to increase my vibration and re-align with my abilities. The vibration and frequency can be felt over the phone as if Carol was present in person. She is absolutely the person I needed to help me focus and increase my vibration. Thank you, Carol! Quotes
N.T. - Miami
Healing Client

Quotes Having the opportunity to be guided by Carol Lynn was not only relaxing and motivating, but a truly refreshing spiritual treat. A great therapy for your mind, where with her gentle disposition, her knowledge of art and her spiritual gifts somehow you find the way to tap your creativity, re tune your energy, and have fun... Quotes
Hilda - Michigan
Fire Painting Student

Quotes I was led to Carol Lynn by a metaphysical practitioner in suburban Detroit. Over the years I've had readings and healings from a number of spiritualists/healers for anything from Reiki, to readings, to energy and chakra balancing, etc. I've become quite savvy when it comes to being able to discern an authentic, gifted practitioner from one who is a total scam. Carol Lynn is, without question, naturally gifted with the ability to heal and provide meaningful, accurate insights. I've never personally experienced anyone with her level of ability. Carol Lynn is a genuine, kind human being who is willing to share her gifts with others. My entire family and I have benefited from her talents, and I'm sure that many others will as well. Quotes
M.P. - Detroit
Healing & Intuitive Counseling Client

Quotes Several months ago, I signed up for a Women's Retreat with Carol Lynn. There were four of us woman there that weekend. All of us knew Carol Lynn, but none of us knew each other. As the first evening wore on, it was clear that the four of us were brought together for a reason, the Four Sisters Carol Lynn called us. The weekend was spent with teachings, lessons, and writing assignments. I came away from that weekend not only knowing myself better, but feeling more clear about the direction of my life, and with a substantial healing that I wasn't expecting! Thank you so much Carol Lynn!! You are a bright light in the darkness!!! Quotes
Valerie Piontek - Michigan
Retreat Participant

Quotes The Women's Retreat organised and hosted by Carol Lynn was absolutely one of my best experiences of 2009. I attended without knowing anyone there or what to expect, and left feeling like I'd reconnected with sisters I hadn't seen in lifetimes. The deep sense of spiritual growth was unmistakable. Everything about her retreat was exciting, fun and life altering in one way or another. I experienced profound personal readings, creatively deep guided meditations, fun fire painting, intense group discussions and lots of yummy snacks and meals! I found it to be worth every dime and would certainly do it again. In fact, I'm looking forward to it! Quotes
Holly L. - Madison Heights, MI
Retreat Participant

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