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& Art by Carol Lynn 

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Vision Seekers


The Vision Seekers came to me in a dream one night.Three huge & beautiful glowing moths. One looked at me in the eye and I knew she wanted me to hop on her back. I did... and the adventures began. Off we flew into the night! The moon was full and bright. It seemed we swooped and danced in the night air forever until a phantasmal doorway appeared in the starry night sky. We flew through this spiraling energy of bright pastel translucent colors, until we reached the other side. It was a place that is hard to describe with words. It was a sea. A sea of ideas flowing through the air. Somehow I knew to reach out and grab handfuls of the light and put them into my heart. Night after night this dream re-occurred and each morning I awoke in awe.

Sometimes, after gathering the light, we would fly over the world and drop the visions into the minds of those who were willing manifest them. Some were for me…but many were for the world.

One day, as this was going on, I noticed a beautiful lunar moth on my garage. She was laying her eggs. In a few days I found her body on the cement and picked her up. A gift to behold. I realized I wanted to paint her. She was like the moths that had been coming in the night. So “Vision Seekers” was born.

36" x 36"  

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