Visionary Healing

& Art by Carol Lynn 

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Heavenly Body


Sometimes I go into meditation and imagine that I am floating in space. One journey to the moon was particularly bright and large. It was so silent I could hear my heart beating. As I was gazing at the moon, a beautiful white feather floated over to me. I held it close to my heart and in a moment was whisked off to an underground grotto, chasing the feather that was leading the way.

Soon, I was swimming under water, still trying to reach the feather. I could breathe underwater! We went through many breathtaking scenes and after awhile, I emerged in a cave. There, sitting before me, was my Higher Self. I cam upon the shore and sat before her. Feeling her love and sending it back! I asked her why I was here and she said ,"Just for fun", with a big smile on her face. On the way back, I became a dolphin...and the fun continued.   

8" x 10" Mixed Media/Fire Painting 

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