Visionary Healing

& Art by Carol Lynn 

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Intuitive Sessions

Carol Lynn offers intuitive sessions and healing that can help further your understanding of your own unique evolution. Her sessions may include any of the aspects listed below and are offered in-person and remotely by phone. 

To begin your session, you can ask Carol Lynn specific questions or she can provide an overview of your body and energy to get your thoughts rolling. Regardless of how you begin, feel free to ask questions during your session for clarity, understanding and ultimately personal growth. 

 Psychic Reading

A psychic reading can help you with your life and growth. Carol Lynn can share insights into your past, present and future to further your understanding of this life time. With this knowledge, you can shift your vibration to change the outcome or create a more pleasant unfolding of your future.

Intuitive Counseling

Often, it is the resistance of your inner child and adolescent that impedes your current and future successes. Carol Lynn can teach you valuable skills in working with these aspects of yourself and/or these aspects of self can come forward and speak through Carol Lynn to connect with you. As you learn more about yourself and release these resistances, you will come to know, express and enjoy more of your authentic self.

Energy Healing

The energy healer's role is to raise your vibration to enable you to heal in a physical, emotional, mental or etheric way. Through visualization and breath, Carol Lynn raises her vibration and connects with you to entrain or match this higher level. Additionally, Carol Lynn calls upon crystal energy, angels, spirit guides, your soul and higher self to help you during this process.   


Carol Lynn can channel you spirit guides, angels and other beings who wish to send you messages and connect with you. Often, they will make suggestions within the message on how you can begin to connect with them on your own when you are ready.  

Chakra Healing & Balancing

Going into a light meditative state, Carol Lynn raises her vibration and connects with you to entrain or match this higher level. She then moves from your first to your seventh Chakra to clear out old energy or energy that no longer serves you. Once your Chakras are cleared, she balances them to foster a more healthy mind, body and spirit. 

Read, Doodle & Color   

Carol Lynn will be channeling messages from your soul onto paper in the form of Doodle Art as your soul flows images to her. After your reading and in the comfort of your home, you can color your soul sketch to reconnect with the healing, energy and message of the reading. You can also sit and meditate with your personalized soul sketch any time you wish to reconnect with its energy.

Session Terms

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