Visionary Healing

& Art by Carol Lynn 

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Poems by Carol Lynn


The Artist's Song of Power


I am a bubbling creek in the rose pink dawn of spring.

Tumbling down the ruby painted mountain side with the brilliant white owl/cat dancing her song of love in the peach scented sky as the storm moves in on the resonance of a guitar note plucked and left quivering like a billowing silk gown.


Carol Lynn




Angels surround us

The energy is love.


Colors illuminate our

being telling us who

we are.


Guidance is given

with love that knows

no bounds.


The answers are there-


All we have to do is



be still,

to hear.


Carol Lynn




A creative thought

Enters my consciousness

It filters in,

My body feels

The urge

to act.



I don’t have time,

                                                                                                                                                                         Not now,

I don’t deserve,

I don’t believe.


Why am I thinking that?

It is just a fantasy

Filtering through my consciousness,

Push it back,


Stuff it in.




Pick up the paintbrush to paint,

Sing the song in my heart,

Move my body in dance,

Write the dance with pictures,




Be alive!


To honor my true self

Be still and listen to the quietness.








Carol Lynn


What do I give praise for?


I give praise for the hope

That lies with in my heart.


I give praise for each new sunrise

And the innocence of a day re-born.


I give praise for the gift of breath

And the renewal it brings.


I give praise for each new thought

Gifted in a moment of truth.


I give praise that I can change my mind

And start all over again.


I give praise that I can touch my soul

And be made new in a moment.


I give praise that God/Goddess is within me

And without.


I give praise that all I have to do is remember

And I am not separate.


I give praise for who I am now

And who I am becoming.


Carol Lynn


I am Carol Lynn.


I give myself permission to be Carol Lynn.

I am Carol Lynn, the Goddess, the fully empowered woman, kind, soulful, enthusiastic, spirited, excited about her life.

I am the successful illustrator/author, artist, healer &  mystical mom.

I am the fully self-realized channel of Her Divine Light and Love.




Look into my eyes and feel the stirring deep with in.

Look into my heart and know how to start.

Walk away with your spark aflame.

Begin your journey; make it plain fulfill your destiny of light.

A gift I have to remind you spirit is alive.

Touch my hand to stir your memory deep with in your soul.

Yes homeward we will go.


I woke up to my Divine Self (Higher Self) singing this to me.


Carol Lynn


Eyes of Knowing


When I look through

The eyes of knowing












Carol Lynn


The Palette of Love



Paint brush in hand I stand before a canvas.

I dip my brush on the palette.

I feel the energy into and onto the space.

All the senses and beyond.

I open my heart to the flow,

To the oneness of the universe.

I invite the love, the joy,

The physicality of the subject.

I become the moment-the experience.

As I reach for the palette the colors

Become alive they have a dimension

All their own.

They dance upon the canvas the energy

Is love.

At one with the space that has called them.

To share the joy and love with you is the gift and the choice that my life is.


Love, Carol Lynn


The Hand about my Heart.


What am I afraid to lose?


If you leave me what do I

really lose?

It is only an illusion?

A human condition?

I will always have myself.

I love myself-good enough.








What fear do I tangle with?

What fear can I not see?

Aloneness? I am not alone.

Loveless? I am loved.

Aliveness? I am alive.




The Unknown.

Its still scares me somehow.


This must be the hand

I feel about my heart?

I am willing to see.

Please tenderly take my


I am willing to walk






Carol Lynn


I am.


The tears are streaming

down my face.


I am.

I am.


Each tear has a thousand life times

of searching for the truth.


I have looked in all ways,

All directions. Beautifully in

each expression.



Feeling, living all experiences

with utter raw desire, hope, pain,

attempts to love, falling short

Just beyond my reach…


Wait! For a moment, a glimmer-

yes, yes I see now!


Into the light dancing, whirling!!

Joy utter joy.

Alive, alive!!


Release, unfold, become,

Carol Lynn

And beyond

And beyond that.


 I am.


With peace,

Carol Lynn


Pathway of Light



I walk the pathway with light dappling the way.

I choose to walk in consciousness.

I choose to see with clarity the path I have chosen.


Every moment I open with willingness to love and truth.

I live my destiny.

Every moment is growth expressing itself.


Change is with me often, cascading into an ever expanding enlightenment of who I am.

I know that every cell of this body carries the knowledge of who I am. I can call upon that knowledge at any moment in opening to love.


Joy is my unfoldment.


Soaring to the unknown from the light into the light. That is all there is. The rest an illusion to be discovered beautifully, individually by each being.


Carol Lynn


Turn on the Light!


Everyone talks of limitations of the human body.

What if you dared to think of the possibilities?


The knowledge of your spirit floods through every

Cell as it enters the body.

Its heredity

Joined by the

Heredity of its other physical selves.


The ability to tangibly feel deeply every

Emotion in a physical way.


Emotion literally.


Yet the ability to understand


Mind over matter.

What a team!!


It is a very literal way for us to

Practice creating what ever we


We have every tool available to us,

But we have been taught to stand

In the dark.


Reach up and turn on the light!


                                                                                                                      Carol Lynn

In between

In the moments of in between

Like the half asleep, half awake times

There are so many gifts.


In the cracks where fantasy and imagination live.

Our soul speaks to us in whispers, in pictures.

There are so many truths in these moments.


A flicker, a flash, a seemingly surreal moment.

A gasp of clarity, sharp and clear.

Like the shard of glass that reflects the light in a brilliant flash.

Or that first gasp of winter air where time stands frozen.


Be still and listen.


Your soul is calling you home.


Carol Lynn

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